Work training is one of the ways of how the corporation can improve its human resources. Work training can be given to the new employees or senior employees that received a new position with a huge responsibility. The purpose is various, such as introduction to the job, responsibility, how to handle possible problems, and many more. However, today’s article will be talking about types of work training you can get when you got a job.

On The Work Training

The On The Work Training is a type of work training that takes place in the corporation. It is necessary for every individual to improve their talents based on the job position they applied for. The On The Work Training could give an effect. A positive effect for the corporation itself.

On The Work Training
On The Work Training

Usually, senior employees that have more knowledge, capability, and experience will be the one to be mentors for the fresh and new employees. With the On The Work Training program, new employees will meet many obstacles during the job, and your mentor is not just giving you their capability and experience. They also give you many kinds of solutions whenever you meet a problem during the job.

Off The Work Training

Off The Work Training is a type of training that takes place outside of the corporation. In here, there will be subcategories of the types of work training in Off The Work Training.

One of the examples is a seminar. It is usually held by institutions in order to give useful information to the seminar attendants. This work training led by an expert who had a number of experiences and competences.  The speaker or the expert will give you a lot of tips and methods you need to know for work efficiency.

Creativity Training

This type of training is to trigger the employees to think out from the box. It is very efficient and useful for solving an issue, and it can also generate ideas and innovation that can give benefits to the corporation.

Creativity Training
Creativity Training

Cross-Functional Training

Cross-Functional training is to task the new employees to do work outside of their actual position in the corporation. With the Cross-Functional training, the participants will be introduced to how other divisions work. The participants will know how their methods work when doing the job, and they will learn how a corporation works as a single unit. Types of work training are various and useful.

Interview Tricky Questions

Getting a call for a job interview, probably the most and happiest moment you will ever feel. However, getting yourself a job or not depends on that, and we should not be joyful for a moment yet. We have to take it seriously. Of course, the interviewer will give you a lot of questions, and some of them are trappy. These trappy questions will make you freeze, anxious, and limb at the same time. Because you have to think about the answer there. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about tips for handling interview trappy questions.

“Please, describe yourself”

When the interviewer team gives you this question, then have you ever thought about how you describe yourself? Is it positive or negative thought? This question aimed to know the base of our character.

"Please, describe yourself"
“Please, describe yourself”

To handle this question, give them positive answers based on the job you want. You can say that you’re sheer will, high commitment, honest, or easy to cooperate. Make sure that what you said is exactly how your character is.

“What do you know about this corporation?”

One of the most important questions because the job applicant must know what kind of corporation he applied for a job. This question is to know how the applicant knows about the vision and mission of the corporation.

The advice is to tell them about the positive side of the corporation without comparing it with other corporations. You must say the corporation you applied to now has a lot of excellence that makes you interested in applying.

“Explain why do you interested to apply in this corporation”

This question is actually given to know your real motivation. Every corporation wants loyal employees. So, don’t you tell the unpleasantness of your previous corporation. The corporation you want to apply will know that you are not a hard-working person.

Interview trappy questions such as this have to be answered positively. You can tell that you want to put your talents more in the corporation, or the job you applied for is similar to your academic background.

There are still many interview trappy questions that you or I probably don’t know. To face the most anxious moment in our life, which is the job interview, is to answer the questions positively. And remember, don’t compare the corporation you applied for with the previous corporation you worked for before.

Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees
About Members recruitment training

Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees

Competent and skillful human resources are one of the keys to having a successful business or company. A good company must pay great attention to its employees and make sure they give their best in working every day to support the company’s goal and vision. Without capable and skilled employees, it will be hard for a business to reach its goal and even to run daily. But how to do that? For businesses, having competent employees is to invest in the recruitment and training process. Recruitment and training competent employees must focus on finding strong candidates as well as providing adequate guidance for the trainees before they doing their job.

Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees
Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees

Tips on recruitment

Recruiting is the first step in recruitment and training competent employees and these tips will guide you in this stage.

  1. To get competent candidates for your employees, first, you must make sure that your company displays professionalism. This applies to all parts from advertising to marketing even in the social network. As an example, if your job advertisement is not well designed and contains some grammatical errors, competent applicants will wonder how well the company is for the lack of professionalism.
  2. Competent candidates know how to be recognized, they will post resumes or try to find companies on professional websites. So post your job ad on the professional outlets and platforms.
  3. Carefully assess the resumes, eliminate those who do not qualify for your company’s criteria.
  4. the interview should be conducted thoroughly. Open-ended questions are recommended and make sure they have adequate knowledge and skill for the position.

Tips on training

Training is essential in the recruitment and training of competent employees, this step ensures that the candidate will know what and how to do their duties and ready for giving a contribution to the company.

  1. Give complete guidelines, tips, and requirements for the trainee to complete the tasks well.
  2. Hands-on training will help the new employees to understand what they must do and what to do if problems occur.
  3. Assign the training tasks to a competent trainer. The trainer should know well about the company as well as the position of the employee.
  4. Encourage new employees to self-training. When they
Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees
Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees