Recruitment is a process of finding prospective people and stimulating them to apply for the available position in companies or organizations. The process is aimed to find and attract competent applicants for a job. This process will begin when the company is trying to find the new applicants and will end when they submit the applications. This reading will help you to know are factors that influence recruitment.

Recruitment is a process under the influence of some factors. There are two categories for the factors that influence recruitment, they are internal factors and external factors.

What Factors Are Influencing Recruitment
What Factors Are Influencing Recruitment

 Internal factors

Internal factors are the factors that influence the recruitment that comes from inside of the organization. included in internal factors are the size of the organization, organizational image, recruitment policy, job’s image, and interference.

The size of the organization means that if the company plans to expand the business, more people will be needed for its operations. The organization’s image is affecting what type of candidates that will get attracted to work for it. Recruitment policy will differ between the company that does the recruitment process from internal or external sources. The image of the job will affect applicants in the same way as the organization’s image. Lastly, interference will possibly force the company’s management to hire or recruit people outside the qualification basis.

External factors

The second factors that influences recruitment is the external ones. Those factors include demographic factors, labor supply and demand, legal considerations, unemployment situation, and competitors.

Demographic factors are the factors closely related to the human being.  For example, age, sex, literacy, etc. labor supply and demand will affect on how easy it is or more effort needed in recruiting new employees. If the demand for skillful or professional employees is high and the supply is limited, then more effort will be needed in the process.

Legal considerations by the government related to employment will affect the organizations’ recruitment policy. The unemployment situation means that the greater rate of unemployment in a place the easier the recruitment process will be. Competitors can change organizations’ recruitment policies. For example, if the competitor follows a certain policy then the company should also change the policy to be fair.