Employee training and development can be an appropriate tool for employees to gain new knowledge and more useful for companies in increasing employee productivity and work ethics. Employee or HR training itself has been divided into several types, including:

The types of Employee Training and Development for Company
The types of Employee Training and Development for Company

Training of Skill

The first development and training that a company can do on HR or company employees is training the employees’ expertise or can also be called training of skill. This common training is actually often done by many other companies. The training program is fairly simple, the way it can be to assess what needs or shortcomings. Then it can be identified with an assessment more thoroughly.


Retraining or re-training is a lot of HR Training given to employees on how to deal with the demands of work that is growing rapidly in terms of technology, science. An increasingly developing world forcing everyone to keep going forward and adjust to all company employees are no exception. They must always adjust to the progress of the times and the latest innovations

The types of Employee Training and Development for Company
The types of Employee Training and Development for Company

Cross-Functional Training

Cross-functional training is training that is done by asking employees to do certain work activities outside the field of work currently assigned to him. Cross-training is very useful for employees so that they will be able to understand the workings of the organization of the company more broadly, not just dwelling on their work assignments.

Training of Creativity 

The way of this employee training and development or usually called the training of creativity. It is a program of development and training that will give opportunities or chances for the human resources of the company to ideas of issue based on the values of rational. The idea can be developed more so it will be easy to build a much better company.

Training of Team 

Providing a training of a team for company employees is actually really recommended. It is because employees do not work alone in that company. So, employees should be able to face and solve the works or problems in teams. Then, the company can easily achieve the goals.

Technology Training

Because technology is a very large influence, the company should provide training to HR in it so as not to stutter technology or catchy. That way, HR does their job creatively, innovatively, and productively in accordance with the era.

Training of Language

If you want your company much more developed, the language development and training actually should be really considered. Don’t close your eyes with language differences. Because it could be that the company’s targeted market turns out to be abroad.