Competent and skillful human resources are one of the keys to having a successful business or company. A good company must pay great attention to its employees and make sure they give their best in working every day to support the company’s goal and vision. Without capable and skilled employees, it will be hard for a business to reach its goal and even to run daily. But how to do that? For businesses, having competent employees is to invest in the recruitment and training process. Recruitment and training competent employees must focus on finding strong candidates as well as providing adequate guidance for the trainees before they doing their job.

Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees
Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees

Tips on recruitment

Recruiting is the first step in recruitment and training competent employees and these tips will guide you in this stage.

  1. To get competent candidates for your employees, first, you must make sure that your company displays professionalism. This applies to all parts from advertising to marketing even in the social network. As an example, if your job advertisement is not well designed and contains some grammatical errors, competent applicants will wonder how well the company is for the lack of professionalism.
  2. Competent candidates know how to be recognized, they will post resumes or try to find companies on professional websites. So post your job ad on the professional outlets and platforms.
  3. Carefully assess the resumes, eliminate those who do not qualify for your company’s criteria.
  4. the interview should be conducted thoroughly. Open-ended questions are recommended and make sure they have adequate knowledge and skill for the position.

Tips on training

Training is essential in the recruitment and training of competent employees, this step ensures that the candidate will know what and how to do their duties and ready for giving a contribution to the company.

  1. Give complete guidelines, tips, and requirements for the trainee to complete the tasks well.
  2. Hands-on training will help the new employees to understand what they must do and what to do if problems occur.
  3. Assign the training tasks to a competent trainer. The trainer should know well about the company as well as the position of the employee.
  4. Encourage new employees to self-training. When they
Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees
Tips on Recruitment and Training Competent Employees