All owners or company leaders would want to get the right people to become employees or employees in their businesses and therefore the recruitment process goes well, with the hope that job applicants or people who are elected can later contribute to advancing the company and also increase revenue financially.

For this reason, many companies are currently trying to shorten the recruitment process to be more effective and efficient in finding the right and qualified employees. The methods used in the process of employee recruitment at the company, are as follows.

The Right Employee Recruitment Process at a Company
The Right Employee Recruitment Process at a Company

Analyzing the needs of positions

The company exactly should identify in advance the needs of new employees who must be recruited. The increasing workload from some old workers or employees can reduce work performance if there is no immediate solution or help to solve. Then, the other possible reason why the recruitment is needed is a job transfer occurrence or new division opening.

Planning the recruitment process

Next, the company must plan well for the needed job position. You also need to write a description of the job, needed situs judi poker experiences, and even the qualifications. And determine where you will place the job advertisements whether print or online media. In addition, don’t forget to specify the HRD team personnel.

Publishing vacancies

Inform this vacancy including old employees, because there is a high possibility that there will be internal company candidates who might meet these criteria. The success of job publishing also varies, depending on what position the company offers and the delivery media.

Reviewing and checking the application

At this stage of the recruitment process, the HRD Manager will receive applications that have been filtered based on the needs and specifications. A company will assess all applicants on the competencies and requirement basis and then the company will contact them more. The goal of this filtering is for time efficiency.

The screening party, the HRD manager, and the HRD team will look for a candidate match by telephone and direct interviews at a later stage.

The Right Employee Recruitment Process at a Company
The Right Employee Recruitment Process at a Company

Quality candidate interview

Schedule a job interview with them to make comparisons between one another. Meanwhile, inform those who have not succeeded well and of course with thanks.

Then, schedule a second interview with the most qualified candidates who have been filtered back from the first interview. Currently, you as a company owner or HRD manager can check the candidate’s references and background.

Choosing suitable candidates and make a job offer

Furthermore, the HRD team is ready to select candidates that fit the company’s needs. Then, prepare an offer and a work contract in accordance with the position and position. When calling for elected candidates, what needs to be done is to negotiate salary and the benefits of a company such as insurance of health, overtime, and so forth.